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Data Storage and Recovery

RSS Design Data Storage is considered the specialist with regards to retrieval of data from hard drives and computer devices.

Data recovery consists of recovering data from failed hard drives. These types of hard drives can be external, USB, Desktop, laptop, IDE, SCSI,
SAS, SSD, SATA, or RAID hard drives.

E- Data Storage
We offer electronic storage data solutions for just about any sized business Online data storage, file protection and disaster recovery are a few of the leading in-demand electronic data storage services RSS DESIGN delivers
its’ clients.


Remote Monitoring (CCTV)

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We specialize in the Installation, Management, Training of IP Cameras.
IP-Cameras combine a professional fullfunction high-quality CCTV colour
camera with an IP Video Transmitter/Receiver in one unit, which
can be connected directly to a standard IP Ethernet network. Significant cost savings can be achieved by employing the integrated camera units in place oftraditional analogue video cameras and a separate IP transmitter/receiver unit.
Benefits of IP-Video:

�� Lower cost to install, maintain and to expand compared to traditional      analogue systems
�� Improved security – quicker to find evidence, more eyes watching from      different perspectives
�� Fully integrated – one system for the entire operation
�� Protects existing investment – cameras, keyboards, monitors
�� Phases out obsolete equipment – video matrices and DVRs
�� Provide access to a wide range of users – security and operational

E-Tracking (Installation & Management)


From trucking to construction/mobile fleets to teen tracking, RSS Track provides the best GPS tracking solutions that boost your business operation to a whole new ideal level. RSS Track GPS tracking solution is offered as a simple web based application service, where users can follow in real-time any assets from any internet connection all over the world using different ranges of GPS tracking hardware with various features to satisfy all needs.

Whatever your business category is we are confident to offer you the best fleet tracking systems and to recommend you with the perfect hardware options that suit your specific
type of business.

• Transportation: Trucking, Major Shipping, Cargos and Containers
• Services: Delivery, Repair, Installation
• Construction: Construction Fleet, Large Machinery, Equipment
• Municipal: Public Transportation, Emergency Services, Governmental Fleet, Bus Fleet
• Safety and Accidents: Teen Tracking, Elderly Tracking, Leasing
• Assets Monitoring: mobile Assets, Non-Vehicle
• Customized Applications: Very Specific Implementation

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