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Website Development . .
Rss Design employs a wide range of knowledge, skill, and experience to architect and implement a creative, technical
and customized website development strategy that meets the specific needs of each client. We are skilled in such
technologies as Flash, ASP.NET, PHP, WEB2.0, SQL, CSS, J2EE/Java, AJAX, CMS, E-Commerce.

Why Build A Website ?

  • Over 5,000,000 Nigerian homes have internet access.
  • Online sales are expected to soar to over $200 billion in 
    2012 to claim 9.5 percent of total retail sales.
  • The average Internet Surfer spends over 10 hours online weekly searching for goods, services, and information.
  • If you have a business card, you need a web site.
  • If you have a brochure, you need a web site.
  • If you have a sign on your car, you need a web site.

"A web site will help you get more customers and sales. Not only that, it'll help you get the right customers-- the ones who want your service. 

A web site is like your salesman that never sleeps and is there to help people find you".

Web Promotion
We successfully provide a range of ethical and technical principles in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web promotion
solutions as:

  • Keyword Analysis
  • Site Optimization
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Search Engine Reporting
  • Link Building
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • SEO Maintenance


Remote Hosting . .
We realise that our customer's web sites are critical to the success of their overall business, so as well as building the best
website in their market, we have also selected the best managed hosting services to work with that ensure our customer's
website is available, secure, fast and meets their business needs 24*7*365.

Worry-free website hosting. Need a new web host? 
Through our partnership with a leading web host provider, we can offer very competitive web hosting services for our clients. 

Our hosting plans are designed to handle the growth of your hosting needs as necessary. Upgrading is easy and can be done
at any time.


 1000MB - disk space
 20GB - data transfer

 An excellent value and the most  popular  choice for first-time domain owners and
  small websites.
 per month
 1500MB - disk space
 30GB - data transfer

 Balanced and flexible, yet with  enough  power to get the job done, this plan is perfect  for small businesses and groups.
 per month

 2500MB - disk space
 40GB - data transfer

 Rich in features and powerful enough to meet the challenge demanded by active
 e-commerce sites.

 per month

 5000MB - disk space
 60GB - data transfer

 Huge amounts of disk space and  data  transfer, for managing the most active
 sites or several sites at once.

 per month
 Web-based e-mail, 24/7 FTP, cgi-bin, CGI, Perl,  PHP, SSI,  Junk e-mail filtering, Secure URL,
  Web stats and more.

Live Chat Online Support Integration . .

Poor customer service = poor sales. Boost your website’s credibility.

Customers expect — and demand — Live Help = Live Chat Software

Increase customer satisfaction and keep customers coming back for more by equipping your website with live chat software from RSS Chat Live Help Software.

RSS Chat live chat software is designed to give small, mid-size and large businesses a large customer service presence online — 24 hours a day. Customers who visit your website and click on the RSS Live chat software icon will instantly connect to a live operator.

Why Live Chat Support . .

Communicate With Customers

Your website's customers are a demanding and impatient group. They want access to information right here, right now.
If their questions cannot be answered immediately, they will find somewhere else that provides them with the information
they are looking for. Live Chat Software bridges the information gap, and brings customer service to the web. No matter
how informative and well designed the website, your customers will need help. Our software provides you with the tools
to better serve your customer.

Cost Effective
Studies show that offering a Live Chat Solution increases your sales conversion rates exponentially. There are many Live Chat Software programs on the market, however, no other live chat software offers all of the features that RSS Chat does.
Additionally, RSS Chat costs less than the competition. More Features + Lower Price = The Best Live Chat Value on the Market.
Get started with your free live chat software trial today!

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